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10 Apr 2009

Film Noir a Day Fortnight - Dementia aka Daughter of Horror

Day Four of the Film Noir fortnight. Today it was 'Daughter of Horror' aka 'Dementia' (1955), an experimental, no-budget beat noir horror which charts the moral disintergration of a young woman. Dream seqences in misty graves, pill-ed up jazz clubs, a deranged score, dodgy acting, an egregious voice over...I couldn't possibly recommend it more. The sole film credited to writer, producer and director, John Parker. It features  the incredibly operatic haunt of Marni Nixon's singing over Geore Antheil's score. Nixon's husband, Ernest Gold, is credited with 'Musical Direction'. Lead actress, Adrienne Barret, finally turned up in her second film role 31 years later in Australia.

"Come with me into the tormented, haunted, half-lit night of the insane".

The 'Daughter of Horror' version, featuring the ridiculous but somehow beguiling voiceover is available on The music only version, 'Dementia' is available on DVD.

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